Max in Utah

In Utah, Max had fun seeing most of Brittney’s immediate family as well as meeting some of her numerous extended family. Some highlights:

Giggling with Aunt Casey & playing with a marshmallow bunny like his creative and talented Great-Grandma Beth used to make for her great-grandkids
Kisses from Aunt Ashly during our long wait at Fed Ex as we shipped some hand-painted china and other special items from Grandma Beth’s house (the friendly but slow worker there was very confused by the concept of a door man receiving packages for an apartment building)
Smiling with Great-Uncle Doug in front of the lovely house in Murray where Beth and her family lived for over fifty years
Reading with Nonna
Story time with couins Sophie and Breanne, who, along with their parents, were wonderful hosts in their new big house. They were great sharers, bringing toys, blankets and crackers over to Max even though they weren’t allowed to touch the baby. Good practice for their sibling coming in June…
Flying home (assisted by Aunts Ashly and Courtney, who got to play with us in NYC for a bit) back to his dad, who missed him very much.

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  1. i did a post with the photos from that week quite a while ago, but never posted it because jeff was going to add to it. he finally got around to it last night, and accidentally deleted the whole thing. thanks for the package – the girls and i got addicted to pears this week after eating those. we miss max!

  2. Max ate pears this weekend too (for the first time). He seems to like them. He misses his cousins too and can’t wait until they can all play together again.

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