Max loves Books, iPads and Nonna

Max had so much fun during Nonna’s week long visit. Every morning he clapped and smiled when he saw her, so excited about having another day together. The weather is getting a little warmer so we had some fun outings around town. Max liked going to the playground with Nonna one sunny afternoon.
As always with Nonna, we went out to some yummy restaurants, including a creperie and this fancy raw/vegan restaurant, where Max and Nonna shared some green kale/cucumber/celery/mint juice.
We went to a big travel expo where Max liked sampling Italian applesauce and watching some Thai dancing and martial arts. His favorite part of the day was coloring with Nonna at a table set up by the Natural Hostory Museum. His creative process seems to include a lot of talking, giggling, and snuggling.
We spent one morning at the Musuem of Modern Art. Max really liked listening to some headsets in an exhibt on kitchen design and showing Nonna his favorite painting, Rousseau’s The Dream, which has lots of jungle animals, just like his bedroom.
But Max’s favorite activity with Nonna was reading. While Brittney was busy with rehearsals for a play she directed, Max and Nonna spent many happy hours discussing what was under each flap in his farm and zoo flap books and reading two new books about snowmen that Nonna brought for him.
When he saw the book and Nonna both within reach he got so excited, waving his arms and even hitting himself in the face with the cover.
Video of Max and Nonna reading
He just couldn’t get enough, though they did take some breaks to work on his cruising and pulling himself up to standing, which he is finally doing on his own. Nonna thinks Max’s first word is “duck,” but just like Bubbe and the word “more,” Max only speaks on cue for his grandmas.
Another video of Max and Nonna reading (and saying duck?)

Though he loves books, Max is no Luddite; he was also a huge fan of Nonna’s iPad. They played lots of educational games as Nonna worked on words and letters with him. .

Max was pretty good at using the touch screen by the end of her visit,
We were lucky to have Nonna here for Brittney’s birthday, as her amazing breakfasts were always a highlight of Brittney’s birthdays growing up. She made delicious buckwheat oatmeal pancakes with pecan maple syrup. Max (and his mom) devoured them.
Video of Max “helping” Nonna cook
Nonna babysat while Brittney and Mark went out to a fancy birthday dinner. The next evening we had Brittney’s cousin Haley over for some of Nonna’s fabulous flank steak fajitas.
We’re so glad Nonna had such a nice long visit, just when we needed her. Max misses her lots, but at least he still has his books (we’ll see about that iPad…).

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  1. Happy late Birthday! Your birthday breakfast sounded so wonderful. I love seeing your Mom with Max it just precious and I know that she loves every moment. Good luck with your play.

  2. I vote for “duck.” That was the first word for both Sophie and Breanne, which was not surprising since it was at the end of the summer during which we had walked to the ducks almost every day.

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