Max’s Birthday Picnic

On September 26th, we belatedly celebrated Max’s birthday with a picnic in Central Park. Lots of friends and family gathered in the perfect fall weather to eat bagels, scones, and cupcakes with our little guy.
Max had a special birthday treat – both his grandmas in the same place at the same time!
It was a nice mix of new and old friends, including some of Brittney’s long-time dancer friends (and a few of their latest creative works)
In addition to Bubbe and Poppy, who were here visiting and making Max laugh all weekend long, Mark’s local relatives came and partied with us, including the youngest member of the family, Elvis (with Mark’s cousin Greg)
A party’s not really a party until someone goes on Daddy’s shoulders.
Max was not terribly interested in his first cupcake (maybe Nonna fed him too much bagels, cream cheese, hummus, and fruit before dessert?)
Video of Max not eating his first cupcake
Though he didn’t oblige with the planned entertainment of messy cupcake destroying, Max made up for it with lots of great birthday kisses.
Our party animal hit Sae La’s bridal shower that afternoon, then after dinner we tried the cupcake thing one more time. He was sill not too interested, but we did manage to get him to smear a little chocolate over his cute face.
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