Max’s Early Birthday Present

The week before his birthday, Max got an early present – a visit from Nonna. The week included lots of fun Nonna-Grandon activities such as:
Building blocks (and knocking them down) at home.
And in a kids’ play area on the High Line.
Going out to lots of yummy (messy) lunches and dinners with Aunt Ashly.
Matching the letter flashcards to the foam letters (and applauding for himself after every match).
Identifying letters – which we didn’t know he could do until Nonna started asking her to pick up letters and hand them to her. He knows almost all of them.

[youtube 0EPlvnY2rKo]
Walking all over town holding Nonna’s hand – going to the zoo, shopping, strolling in the park, and meeting up with Max’s new best friend Edie.
Every morning Max had the biggest smiles when he saw that Nonna was still here. And of course she was there for Max’s actual birthday celebration – photos of the party coming soon.
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  1. i love his sweet little face in the last abc mat photo. what’s up with the inside out pajamas though? just kidding…we know all about that, unfortunately.

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