Max’s Favorite Things

Max had his first birthday party last weekend, for a one-year-old girl in the building (who is also in his music class). He was not terribly interested in watching the birthday girl face-plant into a chocolate cupcake or the man with a guitar leading a mini music class; he was too enthralled with a purple balloon. He watched it almost the entire party, and was overjoyed when he made it move with the ribbon his dad tied around his wrist.


The party hosts let us take his new friend home, where Mark got Max to laugh over and over (for the first time!) by shaking the balloon. As you can see, Max thought it was the funniest thing he had ever seen.

Video of Max laughing at the balloon

We guess that means that balloons have now cracked Max’s Top 3 Favorite Things List. Number two on the list (maybe even Number 1) would be the mobile that hangs over his crib. He loves staring at the jungle animals on it. When we wind it up and the music plays and the animals spin around, Max is positively enthralled. We almost had to take it out of the crib because he would get too excited to sleep when we turned it on, but now it has become our preferred way of gently awaking him from a sound sleep,as in this video It’s a little long (four minutes)…you might get bored (though Max does have a surprise for us toward the end)…but Max could do this all day.

Video of Max watching his mobile

But at the top of Max’s list would have to be Uga. For those of you not from the South or obsessed with college football, Uga is the University of Georgia bulldog mascot (see this video), and a longtime favorite of Mark’s. One day Mark noticed that Max was enthralled with a scary scowling Uga on his t-shirt. Max stared at it all day long, and pushed Mark’s hand away if he tried to cover it. So his overzealous dad got Max his own Uga onesies, bibs, and other assorted paraphernalia. Max has a larger-than-life Uga stuffed animal from his Uncle Alan, Aunt Karen (a Georgia alum), and cousins Sam and Anna, and his Grandpa Don recently sent him a smaller Uga that he absolutely loves and was a great help at the hospital. Whenever he is upset we can pull out something Uga and he will stop mid-cry to stare.


Check out Max’s tricked out crib with all his favorite things…

We haven’t pulled it out yet for fear Max might never sleep again, but there is a spinning, musical Uga mobile in Max’s closet. Good thing it’s not attached to a balloon.

We hope Max is always as easily entertained and we look forward to discovering new favorite things of his each day.

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