Max’s Third Birthday

On his last day of being two, Max saw monkeys, polar bears and sea lions at the Central Park Zoo.
Then a classical musical concert at Lincoln Center, a nap, shoe shopping and a much-needed haircut (during which he was very patient since he got to watch Dora).
On his birthday, Max woke up to a trail of letters spelling ‘Happy Birthday Max’ leading to presents and balloons.
We didn’t have any family in town, so we decided to celebrate with just the four of us by eating Max’s favorite foods all day long. As the plate says, Max is special in many ways, especially in his non-typical -toddler cravings. Breakfast was nova, bagels & cream cheese. Max ate everything on this plate and asked for more (though on his second serving he started eating just the nova).
Opening the many presents from our generous families took a long time because Max wanted to try on or play with everything. A cool shirt from Bubbe and Poppy and a new word puzzle from Julie that he quickly mastered .
Aunts Ashly and Courtney gave him a combo of two of his favorite things – puzzles and Dora.
Lunch – he loves popping out the edamame (aka ‘peas’) and can’t get enough salmon roe (aka ‘fish eggs’).
After his nap we headed down to the Village. Julie liked being on Daddy’s chest,
Hazelnut & stracciatella (his pick) gelato in Washington Square Park.
Listening to and applauding some folk music and wearing Mommy’s shades (which were soon broken).
Dinner at Murray’s Cheese Bar started with olives, followed by artichokes and a platter of prosciutto, bresaola, and goat, cow and buffalo cheeses. Max ate most of the prosciutto himself.
The waitress brought Max a birthday ‘dessert’ – fancy french cheese with a candle and candied cherries.
We got cupcakes (chocolate chip cookie dough and other yummy flavors) to go from Brittney’s new favorite bakery and went home to blow out candles.
Max was very happy (though Julie was a little upset she can’t have any cupcakes yet).
When I asked Max what he was going to wish for, he said ‘toys.’ Looks like he got his wish – he got lots of cools stuff to play with, including a Cat In The Hat Board game from Sophie, Breanne & Maya, a rocket and books about outer space from Sam & Anna, and ‘Goodnight Moon’ with a recording of Papa’s voice that is now requested before every nap and bedtime.

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