More Favorite Things

Poor Max has had a cold the past week and half. It was so bad two weekends ago that the only way to get him to stop screaming was to let him watch some of the Super Bowl, which he found pretty fascinating. He usually doesn’t get to watch TV, but fortunately he has a plethora of favorite things (in addition to Uga, balloons, and his mobile, which continue to entertain) that he loves to look at, listen to, and touch.
Mirrors. He can’t get enough of his handsome face. Bubbe took this great photo during tummy time when she was reminding him how to roll over.
The frog on his bouncy chair, which he finally figured out how to pull to make music. He really loves it when Mark dances along to the song. Here he is watching his talented dad in fascination.
The revolving stars on his swing. Now when he put him in the swing, he looks up right away and waits eagerly for his light show to start.
Going for walks outside, even when it gives him hat hair.

Kisses from Bubbe. His Bubbe and Poppy were here for the worst of Max’s cold and Bubbe’s kisses made everything better. Max loves people and is starting to notice and watch other babies.
Chocolate…oh wait, that’s one of his mom’s favorite things, which she can’t have right now since the doctors think Max might be allergic to second-hand dairy and soy. We’re seeing a pediatric allergist Friday to get some more info, after which Brittney might go out for a fondue/sushi/hot fudge sundae dinner.

Every day we discover a new toy or item he is fascinated with to add to our arsenal of secret weapons to calm him down when he is having reflux or is too impatient to burp, or when we want to see him smile. Other favorites include:
– His stuffed Sebastian crab

– The crazy rattle with a lion face that his great-aunt Ruth got him

-The book ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” that Nonna gave him (especially when read by his dad, who now has it memorized)

-Maracas or anything else that makes noise

-Listening to music (he seems to like show tunes and classical, but that’s what his mom makes him listen to)

And more…

He is getting really good at grabbing and sometimes holding things and focusing really hard, as you can see in these photos.

We can’t wait to see what else he falls in love with!

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