Mother’s Day

For Brittney’s first Mother’s Day with two kids, Mark and Max (with the help of Aunt Ashly) made yummy pancakes while the girls slept in. Mr. Potato Head, who often dines with us, also had some.
Max was more interested in playing with his choo-choos with Ashly than breakfast.
Then we had a family photo shoot in the bedroom.
Max got a book about being a big brother to read to his sister.

He helped open all the Mother’s Day cards.
Julie is very comfy in her Aunt’s arms.

That afternoon Max showed Julie (in the sling on Mark) his favorite animals at the Natural History Museum.
Max and Mark had lots of daddy-son outings last week, walking around favorite neighborhood spots like Lincoln Center, where they ran into Ashly and Edie.
Now Mark is back at work but we have his mom in town helping out and giving Max and Julie lots of love. So far Julie is a great eater and sleeper, going in consistent 3-4 hour stretches between feedings at night. At her 5-day-old pediatrician’s appointment she was back up to 7 lbs 4 oz. Max has his clingy moments but has been adapting pretty well and (usually) likes having the baby around. Brittney has gotten good at nursing while playing choo-choos and doing other activities with Max.

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