Mothers Day & More

We hit a rough patch after getting back from Utah, with two fevers/colds in a row, an ear infection and possible allergies. But we had some special moments with our sweet-even-when-sick Max, such as snuggling on Mother’s Day (we do a lot of snuggling in bed and watching TV when he’s sick). Though Max wasn’t much assistance in making this delicious breakfast in bed, he was very good at helping eat it (and getting scrambled eggs all over the bed).
Daddy also got a little love on Mother’s Day. Max gives wonderful hugs.

Max got to take his new car out for a brief spin before the tree pollen started attacking him.

He was a very polite driver, obeying all the traffic signals.

In between the colds we hosted a baby shower for two neighbors expecting baby number two. Max seems to be sharing better; hopefully he learned from his cousins (or got used to having other kids around all the time),
We also enjoyed an Irish step/hip-hop concert by Lincoln Center. Max loves live music and dancing, especially applauding at the end of songs.
Max is much healthier and happier now. We even took him off the allergy medicine and trees don’t seem to bother him at all. We’re hoping cold season is officially over and we can keep having fun with our snuggly little boy.
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