Nonna Time

After Papa left, we got some luck – Nonna for two more weeks, plus two rainbows over Central Park on two different days. We found a cute leprechaun on the end of one of them.
It was so nice to have an extra set of hands to hold Julie.

She also cooked, folded endless laundry, changed diapers, pushed strollers, kept our fridge full of cheesecake, played choo-choos and a Brown Bear board game she brought over and over again with Max, and taught him how to spell.
When Julie turned 3 weeks old, we started subjecting her to penguin pictures. She is growing so fast.
Not so sure about these guys.
4 weeks old.
Having Nonna here made getting around town much easier. We took Julie on her first visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Max showed Julie his favorite work at the Met – a boat with a turtle in the Oceania gallery
Hanging out with Nonna in the Met’s education center.
At a water park on a pier in Tribeca after a yummy brunch. Max loved filling up and dumping out this tray.
We spent a lot of time walking around Lincoln Center.
Julie liked having Nonna around so much she started giving us some smiles. They’re hard to capture; here’s the closest we got.

Thanks to Nonna, we were able to have some Max-only outings, like daddy-son toddler yoga class.
And trips to the sprinklers at the playground and a kids’ concert at Lincoln Center where Max made this harp he later used to serenade Nonna and Ashly (he’s having lots of fun opening all the presents we’ve been getting for Julie.

Julie’s first trip to Brooklyn for her second cousin Andy’s birthday party.
It was hot, but Max found a chair to lounge in.

Night-nights with Nonna.
Her grandkids hope she comes back soon!
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