Not Afraid Of Strangers

In addition to a strong aversion to putting on pants, Max has developed the opposite of stranger anxiety – stranger attachment, where he wants to be held by just about anyone he sees and cries when people go away. We’ve noticed it with one of the day care workers at the gym (and anyone who looks like him) and last weekend with some visitors that were in town.
On Sunday Max met Brittney’s good friend Laura. We braved the cold and bundled up to go to the playground in Central Park.

It got chilly as the sun went down, but Max kept warm with lots of snuggling.
On Monday we went to the Metropolitan Museum with Brittney’s Aunt Teresa and cousin Haley. Max was not terribly interested in the art; he fussed unless he was being held by Aunt Teresa or pulling Haley’s hair. We’re excited that Haley is now living in New York so Max can pull her hair more often.
Though goodbyes are hard for Max, he is easily distracted and cheered up with books, blocks and, his new favorite toy, the remote control — he is his father’s son.
Max likes being anywhere with lots of people – museums and concerts, the pool at the gym on Family Day, elevators, and the subway, which we took to see the miniature train display at Grand Central Station.
Max seems to like people more than penguins, whom he just wants to knock over.
Did we mention that Max is crawling? The wait made us even prouder, and, as you can see from this video, Max is pretty proud of himself.
Video of Max crawling (and celebrating)
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