Our Famous Moose & More

Now that March is almost over we figure we’d organize our photos from February. Winter in NYC is cold but always action packed. We walked by Fashion Week at Lincoln Center almost every day and one day Brittney took a photo of Julie to put on Facebook joking that with so many photographers no one was taking pics of this stylish baby.
Little did we know…a few weeks later someone told us she saw us on Facebook, where a photographer had posted this photo and we got over 7000 likes! No moose are safe from scrutiny in this city!
We saw the holiday train show at Grand Central Station before it closed. Max was way into it. Julie was into sitting on Daddy’s shoulders.




When a train stopped our engineer knew how to get it going again.
We finally got snow for some sledding! Max loved going down a hill in Central Park with Mark.
We finally got enough snow to go sledding


After an argument about who had more sledding experience – lots of holidays in Utah vs four years in Michigan, Brittney got a turn on the sled, and promptly wiped out and almost took out another kid. She’s used to powder, not icy hills.


Julie napped through most of the sledding – next year!
The other upside of cold winters- cool hats.

Cool hat

We are lucky to have a library two blocks away for all those bad weather days. We found some of Max’s favorite book friends, Frog and Toad. Max loves reading books. Julie loves throwing them.
Frog & Toad
Julie is super active and curious. She likes to crawl around and explore and pull herself up to kneeling and standing to get into stuff.
Max is also getting stronger and more adventurous, even walking on stilts in a gym class.

She and Max are starting to play together more, which is cute but dangerous. He likes to sit on her, which makes her laugh – until he moves the wrong way and it’s not so funny.


Max wanted Julie inside with him

We saw Pippi Longstocking at Swedish Marionette Theater in Central Park and Max made his own Pippi puppet.

Julie turned 9 months old and wrestled with penguins.
9 months old

When’s daddy home both kids want to be with him all day. Brittney feels a little left out, but then she takes a nap or goes to yoga and feels better.
Both kids wanted to be held by Daddy. He's pretty popular around here.
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