Passover in Atlanta

The last weekend in March Max visited his fifth state in three months when we stayed with Mark’s brother Alan and his family in Atlanta, Georgia. He got to meet his Aunt Karen and his cousins Sam and Anna, who took great care of him, reading to him and helping feed him. Max loved to squeeze their fingers and look into their smiling faces.
We had fun watching Anna’s softball game on Saturday.
Bubbe and Poppy flew in from Florida so we could all celebrate Max’s first Passover. Max sat in a high chair for the first time and listened patiently while his dad led the Seder and Haggadah. Here he is wearing one plague (lice) and eating another (locust).
Our last morning there we found out Brittney’s Grandma Thomas passed away. She was a very sweet woman who was thrilled to meet Max in December. Two days later we were on another plane, this one to California for the funeral and to celebrate Easter with Brittney’s family. Photos of that weekend (along with more photos and videoes from Atlanta) coming soon; in the meantime check out some pictures of Max on Sophie and Breanne’s blog.

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