Photoshoots In The Park

As many of you know, Brittney is really into taking photos of Max. But as the (sometimes annoying) photographer, she doesn’t get to be in photos with her beautiful son that often. Recently we were lucky enough to have two sets of photos from friends. In May, Brittney’s longtime friend Gentry came to visit New York with the other half of Disneyland’s cutest power couple, her talented boyfriend Jared who shot some great photos while we were hanging out buy the gourmet food trucks in Central Park.
Pretty cute even with the drool.
Max’s model face.
Last weekend Max starred in a photo shoot for SayBayBee, our friend Sae La’s mom/baby dance fitness company. Max, who the program was modeled on, is getting a little big for Brittney to do much dancing around with him in a carrier, but we managed a few shots when he wasn’t busy waving at the Alice in Wonderland statues.
Working out.
The photographer treated us to some great mom-baby shots; here are few of our favorites.
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