Rachel’s Wedding

A few weeks ago, Mark’s cousin Rachel got married in Westchester so we got some fun visitors. First came Bubbe (who knit Julie yet another gorgeous sweater) and Poppy. The weather was nice enough for some playground visits and swinging.
Next came Aunt Karen, Uncle Alan, and cousins Sam and Anna. Julie was excited to meet them, and her cousins took good care of her and Max the whole weekend.
Max was a ring boy for the first time. About ten seconds before his cue to walk he had a bad fall but still made it down the aisle, bloody mouth and all. Fun to get everyone dressed up (and thanks Alan for being our patient photographer despite the less-than-ideal lighting).
The beautiful bride.
The beautiful mother and aunt of the bride.
Max loved hanging out with his older cousins way past his bedtime.
Julie watching the ceremony with Daddy and hitting the dance floor with Sam.
Bubbe and four of her grandkids.
The next day we met up with everyone at Rockefeller Center. Max liked holding Anna’s hand on the way to a fancy chocolate shop.
He was sad when she left him to ice skate – ‘I want Anna!’ he cried. But Poppy and Bubbe consoled him by helping him wave to her and Sam from up above.
Julie liked hanging out on Daddy’s chest and being held by Anna.
We had so much fun showing everyone around NYC (and eating lots of yummy meals on the town, from burgers at Shake Shake to sushi at Tao). We can’t wait to see everyone (and some sunshine) in Florida in just a few weeks for Thanksgiving!

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