Spring Holidays

Last year we had a wonderful Passover with Mark’s family in Atlanta and a bittersweet Easter with Brittney’s family in Irvine, but this year we ended up celebrating both holidays with just the three of us. For Passover, Brittney cooked a semi-traditional, leaven-free meal with homemade charoset (apples and walnuts to represent the bricks the Israelites used as slaves in Egypt) and matzoh balls. Mark led a short Seder.
Max loved chowing down on the matzoh bread and the hard-boiled egg. Unlike his mom, he even ate some gifelte fish (if you don’t know what that is, you probably don’t want to try any).
The day before Easter, we dyed some Easter Eggs.
Max liked dipping his hand in the dye. His fingernails are still a little green.
The Easter Bunny brought Max a basket Easter morning.
We regifted some his Easter presents from Nonna from last year, including this bunny that makes very silly bouncing noises.
Max also got a very exciting new flap book.
Then we took the subway to the Easter Parade on Fifth Avenue. Max likes holding on to the poles like a real commuter.
We saw a lot of crazy Easter bonnets, like the group of fairy-tale themed hats.
Max was not really into wearing a hat himself, though we did manage to keep it on for a few photos. It was pretty hot and humid.
Max liked this balloon hat.
This monkey/duck pond hat was also intriguing.
This ferris wheel hat featured one of Max’s favorite things, legos, and actually spun around.
He got the best views of the bonnets from Daddy’s shoulders.
We went to an Easter egg hunt at the gym. The bigger kids beat Max to the eggs, but he enjoyed playing with his consolation prizes.
We all had lots of fun with all the holiday activities, but Max’s favorite part of Easter was having his dad home from work for three and a half straight days.


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  1. Love all of the fun Easter hats and fun you always have with Max and Mark; he’s one lucky kid. I also loved his haircut; very handsome. I’m glad you were able to make it to Utah for the shower; sounded like everyone had a great time.

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