Summer In The City

We stayed safe in the hurricane this weekend. All the forced family time indoors was lots of fun for Max, and productive for his parents – we started on our NYC preschool applications (some of which include toddler personal statements of sorts) and organized some post-Maine photos. A few highlights from our fun summer:
We’ve headed to the High Line a few times, most recently for a butterfly release into the beautiful elevated park. Max liked watching the butterflies, but he really liked playing with the buckles on his stroller, a current obsession. Reuniting with his stroller always brings squeals of delight.
Readers of Kid On The Town know that NYC is full of free outdoor concert series in the summer, and we think we hit every one. In Union Square Max liked shaking his free eggs from H&M so much he got drooly with excitement.
Then he tried to break into the sound booth.
At Central Park’s Sandbox Music program, Max played the cymbals for the first time.
We went swimming (indoors, as we are not in Irvine) a lot. Max sometimes seems to enjoy getting ready and showering in the locker room more than the actual swimming. (Brittney is kind of into this alligator shirt – we swear we wash it in between wears).
Once again Max helped Brittney teach movement at Youth Onstage, a non-profit theater academy for inner city teens. He was very proud of his students at graduation, intensely applauding when he wasn’t busy putting stickers on his dad’s face (or playing with the buckles on his stroller).
One Saturday, we took a family trip to the Central Park Zoo, where Max took a break from playing with his stroller straps to watch some loud seals.
All these photo-ops meant Max needed yet another haircut. He loves the salon and never fusses during his cuts.
Ringing the bell in the fire truck chair and watching TV were fun, but the most exciting part of the haircut – reuniting with his stroller.
We visited the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum once again. We avoided the five-hour line during the last week by going to the early morning Members’ viewing, which was still crowded enough that Max had lots of fun tapping people on the shoulder and smiling at them. Sadly, home versions of the Kate Moss hologram Max loved so much were not on sale, and we decided the Exhibit calendar wasn’t quite right for his room.
Outside the Met Max walked along benches and made friends with the bears statue. Max likes walking up platforms to statues, waving at them, then walking back down, over and over and over again.
At Lincoln Center’s Out-Of-Doors Festival, just two blocks away from us, we saw Balkan, Ethiopian, Appalachian, Chinese, Motown and other global performers. Max got so excited by some Honduran drumming that he started taking his clothes off.
Max took a music class in the park with his favorite teacher Kevin, who convinced Max to get over his fear of guitars and play a little.
As you can see, we are out and about a lot, but Max also loves playing with the same toys over and over again at home. He has mastered this matching puzzle.

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