Summer: NYC Cousins

Though most of our family is far away, Max and Julie have some second cousins in the city. In July, we met Brittney’s very pregnant cousin Lauren and her son Oliver for a playdate at the Natural History museum. The kids liked watching a movie about global food in these cute fruit chairs (and we got to sample some pickles – almost as good as the Jensen/Boggess-canned pickles we grew up on) .
The splashing and playing with trucks n in the sprinklers outside the museum (even though we forgot our kids’ swimsuits).



A few months later, we got to meet Oliver’s adorable little sister Millie. Julie was very interested in the ‘ba-bee’ (and really wanted to poke her eyes , so we didn’t get so many photos).
We all visited the lovely Central Park Conservatory Gardens where we saw pretty flowers (and a wedding we did our best not to let the kids interrupt).

Julie loved the flowers



We found a beautiful butterfly.



The kids had lots of fun running in circles after each other and trying to get into a truck of gardening supplies. Max was a little traumatized when the gardener started hosing down some flowers and tried to stop her.
Running around Central Park's beautiful Conservatory Garden

Mark has a cousin in Brooklyn, so we headed out to Prospect Park for a picnic with his son Andy. The boys enjoyed the enchanted forest they found (or Brittney’s camera lens was dirty).


The kids love playing with cousins and we wish we had more close by. We just discovered that a long lost cousin of Mark’s lives in our building with her 3-year-old son…more details and pics of Max and Julie with another fun 2nd cousin coming soon.

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