Summer Camp

Through Kid On The Town we found a deal for a “summer camp” for toddlers; a mix of classes on Tuesdays and Thursday from 10 – 11:30 am for the first two weeks of June. The first half hour was in the padded gym. Max was very good at climbing around an indoor obstacle course.
Gym time ended with some singing and exciting bubbles.
The kids held onto a rope to walk from room to room. Max can walk with one-handed support now. (It will be much easier to take good photos of him when he can stand on his own).
Next we had art time. One day Max painted this beautiful flower.
Another day he colored a zebra mask.
He was more interested in putting caps on and off of markers than coloring.
Snack and story time was next, followed by music, always a favorite for Max. A bearded man played the banjo, perhaps reminding Max of the gorilla he loves so much in his Starfall letter app.
The camp came at a perfect time as we finally transitioned Max out of his lingering morning nap, though he did fall asleep in the stroller walking home every day.
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