Supermodel Max

Max was a great traveler and a comfort to everyone during our trip to Utah. Here he is enjoying the security line at the airport. The sounds and movement of the plane taking off got him all excited and giggly. Photos of him playing with his cousins and other relatives are coming soon.

In the meantime, click here for some amazing photos Uncle Alan took when he visited in January.

Max picked up a cold during his travels, and Friday night he was having so much trouble breathing we almost took him to the emergency room. It was only croup, which all new parents should be warned about. He sounds much better but is still fighting what we hope will be his last cold of the season. The good news is we visited the allergist again on Tuesday, and Max only has mild allergies to, randomly, carrots and avocado, which he will probably outgrow. So now Max is eating rice cereal and sweet potatoes, which he loves. Before he got this cold his reflux seemed to be improving (though those sweet potato poops are something else).

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