Indoor & Outdoor Irvine Fun

While in Irvine, we visited many happy places from Brittney’s sunny childhood. The day after Christmas we took a walk to the lake by Brittney’s childhood home to feed the ducks.
We visited a frog at the Woodbridge shopping center on the way home.
On Monday we all went swimming. Max liked watching Eric and Breanne reenact dances from Dirty Dancing.
Max loved swimming with Grandpa and watching his brave older cousins jump into Brittney and Jeff’s arms from the side of the pool.
It’s not a week at the Jensens without some jacuzzi time.
We had lots of fun indoors too. Max liked coloring with Breanne and Sophie.
One night we had a dance party.
Here’s a short snippet of everyone dancing to “Hot Chocolate,” more universally popular than “I’m a Gummy Bear,” which Sophie loved but Breanne kept trying to turn off.
Video of the Jensen Dance Party
With the help of chocolate bribes for some active girls, we were finally able to get a photo with all the grandkids looking at the camera.
We all went out for burgers our last night there. Max’s restaurant manners haven’t been the best lately, but he was all smiles once he got to sit with Gandpa.
One of Max’s favorite activities was kissing everybody good night. Always made him giggle.
Max sure misses his cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles (and that California sunshine).

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