The High Line & High Stairs With Nonna

We had a special treat in June – a visit from Nonna. Nonna and Max had lots of fun at the playground. Max liked riding on the tire swing with her.

Max is really into walking up and down stairs (while holding someone’s hand). He got way up high on the slides.
We had a fun brunch at Sarabeths. Max loved the whole-wheat blueberry pancakes – and playing with Mommy’s wallet.
Max and Nonna are so connected they sometimes dress in matching outfits (Max swears he didn’t plan it), like when we visited to the new part of the very cool High Line park. Max enjoyed walking around this sculpture/bird feeder.
Max walked all over the High Line (with Nonna and Brittney’s assistance). He was pretty excited about these giant stairs and wanted to go up and down, up and down…
It was very humid and started drizzling, but Max was very comfy snuggling with Nonna under her umbrella.
Usually Brittney and Max spend a lot of time together, and sometimes Max takes her for granted when given the option of being with Daddy or Nonna instead. But they had been spending more time apart than usual – the weekend before Brittney had left the boys for a wedding in Shelter Island of a college friend (the former Stanford tree to be exact, and there much revelry and dancing ) and Nonna was here to help out while she had tech rehearsals for a play she was directing every day, so Max actually got a little clingy and wanted to be held by only Mommy on the way home from music class in the park.
But Max really enjoyed all the time he spent with Nonna. They had lots of fun reading books, playing with toys, going to storytime at the library, clapping at concerts and, his favorite, emptying the dishwasher.
Video of Max’s favorite domestic chore

Sometimes he’ll crawl into the kitchen and demand a shot at the silverware, dirty or clean. Our opinionated toddler is now 21 months old and old enough to remember his Grandmas and other people he loves – he got so excited, kicking, clapping and smiling, when Nonna showed up at our door and wanted to take her straight to his books and toys.


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