Uncle Jeff (i.e. Tickle Monster)

Living in NYC, we are sadly far away from most of our family, but we have been lucky to have lots of visitors lately. Max recently had fun with Aunt Becky and Aunt Ashly, and this week he got to see Uncle Jeff, here to raise investments for a company that drills oil in Kazakhstan.
While waiting to meet Mark after work on Fifth Avenue, we ran into Jeff’s daughters’ favorite red monster. Just as when he met the real Elmo a few weeks ago, Max was still suspicious.
We walked home through the colorful trees in Central Park. It was a little chilly; Jeff even wore pants instead of the shorts he froze in during his visit here in December right after Brittney moved here (Ten years ago this very day! She’s an official New Yorker).
After dinner at our apartment, uncle and nephew had fun playing together on the couch.

Jeff found Max’s tickle spot.
Video of Max being tickled – and loving it

But then Max got his revenge.
Video of Max tickling back
We can’t wait to see Uncle Jeff again — and play with his cute kids — at Christmas.

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