Circus, Chocolate & Nonna

Last April, Mark had big plans to take Max to his first circus, but Max had to go to California for his great-grandma’s funeral. So we were excited when Mark’s work gave us tickets to go to the Big Apple Circus at Lincoln Center during Nonna’s visit.
Before the show Max had lots of fun hanging out on Nonna and Daddy’s laps and watching the bigger kids around us.

Unfortunately the performance was the day after Mark had his sleep-apnea-causing tonsils & uvula removed and his deviated septum fixed, so Mark was once again denied a full circus experience with Max. He did make it through the first act. Max lasted the entire two hours, even though it was way past his bedtime. He was absolutely enthralled by the clowns, trapeze artists, and goats and puppies on horseback.

Nonna and Max also went to their first NYC Chocolate Show, where chocolatiers from around the world sell (and sample) their creations. We liked looking at trains and crazy outfits made out of chocolate and trying lots of fun treats. Max got a little overwhelmed, but was pretty happy to try some amazing chocolate hazelnut spread.

The weather has been fantastic, so Max and Nonna took a few trips to the playground while Brittney took care of Mark, who is doing fine but is still in a lot of pain. Max liked to play in the sandbox while Nonna sprinkled leaves around him.
Max had so much fun playing, snuggling, and talking to Nonna:
Video of Max and Nonna discussing their day
We’re looking forward to seeing Nonna and the rest of Brittney’s family at Christmas (and maybe eating more chocolate – Max still hasn’t tried any See’s Candy).
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