Tap Dancing & Folk Art

One August Saturday, Julie and I revisited our old neighborhood. First we went to the Lincoln Center Atrium (where we used to hang out so much we became friends with the manager) to make tap shoes that Julie enjoyed testing out during a tap/swing show.
making tap shoes

Then we met up with Max’s school friend Zayanna – who Julie thinks is her friend – and her little brother for a workshop at the American Folk Art Museum. As always, Julie held her own with the older kids, making a yarn-covered bumble bee she flew around the museum.



They were so cute their photo made the museum website.

Then we went to a Lincoln Center Out of Doors performance of Latino music & poetry but Julie was mostly interested in sticking popsicle sticks in her bumble bee, drawing in the dirt and being BFF with a 5-year-old.




She liked putting the popsicle sticks in and out of the styrofoam

While we miss living blocks away from cultural meccas, we still visit often. But for weekends like these when our cultural plans get foiled by spring snow and sniffles, it’s nice to have a big house with a toy room and pirate ship to relax in.

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