We had a great time celebrating Thanksgiving in Florida – sunshine, yummy food, and lots of relatives to dote on Max. What’s better than pre-turkey beach time? Max liked playing in the sand with his cousins Sam and Anna and was very amused by Sam’s sand castle building.
He didn’t mind the cold water as long as someone was there to hold his hand.
A perk of hanging out with Mark’s family is having an amazing professional photographer on hand.

Max also liked sitting in the waves.
Mark braved the cold water to be with Max (ps, that’s Sam and Anna way in the deep in the background).
Thanksgiving morning we worked up an appetite with a swim in the community pool. Max really liked the stairs.
Sam taught him to blow bubbles (sort of).
Before dinner we tried for an all-cousin photo shoot, but Ryan didn’t want to sit still, even when Sam tried to bribe her with grapes.
Max and Ryan had a hard time at first sharing all the cool toys at Bubbe and Poppy’s, but eventually they made peace over the crayons.
Mmmm, turkey.
Blowing out the candles on Daddy’s pre-birthday ‘cake,’ Max’s new favorite word (it can mean chocolate, crackers, cookies – anything yummy).
At first he wasn’t so sure about Bubbe and Poppy’s new puppy Lily, but eventually they became friends (and Max sure liked playing with the dog gate).
Can’t get enough of reading with Poppy.
And Anna. She and Sam patiently played with Max for hours.
At Grandpa and Grandma’s, Max was an excellent ball boy on the tennis court. He loved collecting stray balls while holding Anna’s hand (then throwing them over the net).
He also like the many animal statues in the backyard, including a friendly bunny and some of another favorite word, ‘turtle’ (he wasn’t so sure about the live cats, though he did like their toys).
And he liked being held by Grandpa and Grandma.
The last night we visited Mark’s high school friend Alex and his beautiful family. Max was in a sleep, snuggly mood.
Bubbe was busy taking care of everybody, but Max snuck in some snuggles and kisses.
One more outdoor swim with Daddy.
And more cuddling (and peek-a-boo with the big towel) with Bubbe.
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