Happy Valentines Day!

Afte Max made 26 Valentines for his classmates and teachers (he wanted to make ‘puzzle valentines’ he cut up into pieces, cute but a lot of work), we were ready for our Valentines Day party ‘as a family’ as Max likes to say. We had make-your own heart-shaped (sort of) pizza. Julie was more adventurous with toppings than Max; he preferred his artichoke, prosciutto and olives as antipasto.
Make-your-own heart pizzas for our family valentines Day party




The kids and Brittney made ugly but super yummy homemade chocolate peanut butter cups for Mark (a messy process). Julie wanted them all.

We made ugly but yummy homemade peanut butter cups for daddy

Trying to get to the peanut butter cups

We got the kids the coolest Elmo & Dora books ever starring themselves (and mommy got a massage & facial, much needed after a tough slushy cold week).



The next day Max and Mommy had a special date to Gustafer Yellowgold’s Valentines Ball, a bizarro hipster show we got free tickets to through Kid On The Town. Max loved his booster seat and this silly song, “I Jump On Cake”.

Loving his booster seat at Gustafer Yellowgold's Valentine Ball

On Sunday we decorated Valentines cookies with our neighbors the Claytons (for Brittney’s family, that’s Billy Clayton, nephew of Whitney Clayton, who lives in our building, small world!). Max was ane xcellent dough cutter outer. Julie occasionally took a break from eating cookies to frost one, and when we weren’t looking, she attacked the frosting bowl with a spoon.


Julie really liked eating the cookies


Feeling the love! xoxo

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