You Better Not Cry…

Max has learned a lot over the past year – the meaning of the word kiss (open your mouth wide and lean in), how to flip pages in books, and that strangers should not necessarily be trusted, especially if they have big white beards. Here he is meeting Santa last year:
And last week:
He did not like being in the lap of a Santa we met at a fancy home furnishings store downtown. He was much happier afterward, admiring Santa from afar with his friend Sae La.
He was too busy trying to get away to ask Santa for anything, so it’s good he’s pretty excited about the toys he already has. Two of his current favorites (besides books) are a pop-up toy with farm animals and this shape sorter.
Video of Max going crazy with the shape sorter
We have been checking out Christmas decorations all over town, which Max seems to enjoy more than sitting with Santa. He liked playing with the presents by a tree and sled at the Plaza Hotel.
After admiring the windows on Fifth Avenue, Max looked at some holiday decorations at McKenzie Childs, one of his Bubbe’s favorite stores.

Mommy got a wonderful kiss in front of this crazy teapot tree.
We also visited a display of gingerbread houses in a hotel lobby. Local bakeries created amazing edible sculptures inspired by movies set in New York.
If all he wanted for Christmas was his two front teeth, Max almost got his wish. He got one of his front teeth and the adjacent canine on the right side. He is growing so much, and he is almost able to stand by himself (though he hasn’t quite figured out crawling yet).

While we love all the Christmas fun and decorations in NYC, we can’t wait for warmer weather and lots of family in California. Max and Brittney leave on Tuesday with Mark following on Thursday to celebrate with Brittney’s family, including Max’s four adorable cousins (and two Christmas trees that are much bigger than the 4-foot one in our apartment).
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