For Halloween, we had to do something with Max’s abundant hair, so we made him a punk rocker.

Rain put a damper on the trick-or-treating, but we had fun dressing him up.
img_0986cimg0229Rocking Outimg_0985
Max has been taking lots of walks/strolls in Central Park while the weather allows. On the way home visiting Mark at work one day we had a photo shoot. As you can see, he is getting more wide-eyed and curious about the world each day.Of course, we took lots more photos you can view here.
Admiring the fall leaves
Admiring the fall leaves


  1. Hi Brittney! He’s just too cute! I keep staring at the punk rocker picture because it’s just so adorable. Our little Loden is a tiny peanut at the moment trying to catch up too. (I think that makes them cuter). But they do grow up fast don’t they? You can just tell from the pictures.


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