Music Man

We took Max to his first Mommy & Me music class on Monday. He was a little overwhelmed by all the older kids and noise and fell asleep halfway through, but he seemed to enjoy it while he was awake. We might sign up for one in January when he’s a little more ready (and we won’t sign up for one during his usual nap time — he had gotten a somewhat regular schedule now that, to the relief of his tired parents, includes over eight hours of sleep at night!).
<em>Sleeping despite the guitar and drums</em>
Sleeping despite the guitar and drums
It’s getting cold here, so we have to keep Max bundled up in snuggly bear outfits.
We uploaded a few more photos from last week. We are about a week behind with out blog posts, so photos of Max’s Thanksgiving with Brittney’s family will be coming soon.
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