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saying hello... We have been keeping this shower souvenir in our nursery. One morning he was peeking out to say hello. After Brittney ate breakfast, she went to her computer where the bear had moved to wait for her. He must be getting lonely waiting for the baby. Mark thinks we will go into labor when the balloon is deflated all the way. We are getting pretty close; his paws are brushing the ground.
We got some cute animal stickers for the nursery to keep the bear company.
Almost 39 weeks! (September 13)
Almost 39 weeks! (September 13)
Thanks to many meals out with Mark and friends and lots of gelato and chocolate, the baby and belly keep growing. Though certain tasks, like putting on shoes and getting out of chairs, get harder every day, Brittney is still active and feeling okay most of the time. We are officially due a week from today (September 22nd). As of last Tuesday Brittney was 1 cm dilated, which means the baby could be coming now…or not for a few weeks. Mark wouldn’t mind one more Saturday of uninterrupted college football after Michigan’s incredible win over the evil empire last weekend, and Brittney has some work to wrap up and some social and cultural events planned, but if the baby wants to come now we are ready to welcome him or her to our family.
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