Beach & Butterflies

Max got a glimpse of an overcast beach at Thanksgiving, but this trip was his first real day at the beach. The water was too cold to swim, but he loved hanging out in the Florida sun.
On our way to Florida we found Max’s appetite that he’d lost temporarily during his ear infection. We kept discovering new favorite foods, like this asparagus quiche. (His varied diet during his vacation included lentil salad, salmon, strawberries, brie, sundried tomato and gorgonzola ravioli and more).
Max loved playing in the sand with Bubbe.
That afternoon, Poppy took Max to Butterfly World, where we saw many colorful flying creatures and beautiful flowers.

Poppy bravely fed the Lorikeets.
Max had fun on the swings and slides outside Butterfly World.
While we enjoyed all our fun activities, some of Max’s favorite moments were reading with Bubbe and Poppy.
And he rode his favorite car some more.

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Max had his two-month doctor appointment on Wednesday, and he is now 9 lbs 3 oz and 22 inches long. He went down to 5 percentile in weight but shot up to 48 percentile in height.
Mark’s mom and stepdad (aka Bubbe and Poppy) visited us last weekend, giving Max lots of reasons to practice his newly-arrived smiles. Bubbe took lots of cute pictures (and was on camera herself…last week Max moved out of our room to his nursery, where, via monitor, we can keep on eye on him and eavesdrop on unknowing Bubbes having silly conversations about giant poopies with their grandson)

Excited to go for a walk in the park
Excited to go for a walk in the park
Bubbe took some great photos of the autumn leaves
One of Bubbe's great photos of the autumn leaves
Mommy and daddy saying bye before they head out for their first Max-free dinner date
Mommy and daddy saying bye before their first Max-free dinner date...mmm, sushi
Super babysitters Bubbe and Poppy
Super babysitters Bubbe and Poppy

Max's new favorite toy
Max's new favorite toy