Visiting NYC

It’s about an 8 minute walk to the train station from our house, then under 30 minutes to Grand Central. Brittney found lots of excuses to go back to Manhattan in June, starting with a doctor appointment for Max at NYU. Waiting for the train which is so much nicer/less smelly than the subway.


The doctor’s office was conveniently located close to fabulous pizza. Max wanted a slice with crab, one of his current favorite foods.



The next day Julie and I were back at Grand Central enjoying NYC treats like overpriced green juice & fancy dark chocolate (btw, the bandaid is for fashion not function).


We went to a storytime in the MoMA art lab which included a book on Frank Lloyd Wright, building a city with books and blocks, and time to play with her favorite giant mobile.


She loves making mobiles




Then she made some art in the galleries. This girl loves to create.




Guess what her favorite piece in the exhibit was? And she always loves making wishes in the sculpture garden.

Making wishes at MoMA

The next week we went to storytime in the Discovery Room at The Natural History Museum, where Max put together a dinosaur fossil and Julie dove right in with older boys she didn’t know to dig.



Julie got right in there with the older boys to dig for fossils

The class went to the Hall of Ocean Life where Max was very intent on filling out his worksheet and we met up with one of his best friends from his old school, then to our favorite UWS juice bar where Julie did ‘yoga’ by the free samples.


Doing a yoga move for me at the juice bar

The next day we caught a jazz concert at the Performing Arts Library at Lincoln Center. I used to take Max to these all the time but this year it conflicted with his physical therapy schedule. Max and Julie were by far the youngest in the audience and some of the most enthusiastic. Max played along on his invisible guitar. Afterwards we went to say thank you to the musicians and got a private concert form the ‘penano’ player (as Max calls it). Julie requested ‘Happy Birthday’ and she and Max were very entertained when he sang the ‘you look like a monkey…’ verse.



We visited our old apartment and neighbors admired the Central Park/Hudson River view from the balcony one last time. We will miss this vista in the fall but we look forward to watching the giant old trees in our yards change colors.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

We’ve had so many amazing experiences in NYC and I hope they continue. Coming in is fairly easy depending on the location and time of day, though it takes about an hour to get to the UWS via public transportation and the kids are going to be busy with school soon (Max 5 days a week 8:45 am – 3:30 pm, Julie 3 days 9-11:45 am). Hoping to get a few more city excursions in before school starts on Sept 10.

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