It’s a boy!!!

Max Jensen Mothner

Born at 3:36 pm on Sept 16

6 lbs 3 oz, 18.5 inches

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Max Jensen Mothner
Highlights of his life so far:

Around 9pm on Tuesday, September 15th, Brittney started feeling a little crampy. At midnight she was having contractions about every five minutes. Around 2:30 am we went to the hospital, where the doctors confirmed she was in early labor (2 cm dilated) and sent her home to try to relax until she was in active labor.

9 am Wednesday morning the contractions were about every 3 minutes. The lobby of our building is being renovated, and on this day they were working on the elevators, so all the residents had to use the two service elevators. Brittney had 3 contractions while waiting for the elevator, which was very crowded when it finally came. Mark asked everyone to make room for a woman in labor, but they either didn’t believe us or didn’t care. The elevator stopped at each floor and more people kept crowding in. One woman wanted us to wait while she chased after her dog that had ran away. Mark didn’t let that happen.

We finally made it to the hospital (fortunately a two minute cab ride). At 9:30 am Brittney was 5 cm dilated and in active labor. At 3:36, after no complications, we had a beautiful hairy baby boy.

Mom and baby were recovering well and getting ready to go home Friday morning, when Max decided to honor his California and Florida roots by getting jaundice so he could hang out in a tanning bed and get some light therapy. His weight had also gone down to 5 lbs 8 ounces, so he spent the next three days in the hospital, with his devoted daddy pulling some all-nighters to keep him company.

Monday morning he was back up to 5 lbs 10 ounces and no longer yellow, so we finally got to take him home. Mark’s mom Gina has been here since Wednesday keeping us well fed and helping us figure out what we’re doing. Max is eating well, gaining weight steadily, and getting more alert and adorable each day.

Welcome home, Max!
Welcome home Max!


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